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Ready Rentals will get you here, there and everywhere. We’re the best people mover hirers, at a great price, with awesome service every time. No matter how many people you need to move, Ready Rentals can arrange it all.


Wow!! The party has just been confirmed, you’ve got all your mates & now you just need the wheels for upto 8 people (more for a big party!!). Just call Ready Rentals.
A concert in Auckland this week? No worries, Ready Rentals will get you all there and back again.
The team is playing out of town this weekend. Grab a couple of Ready Rentals people movers & get everyone plus their gear there. Problem sorted!


Short term contract to fill? People to move? Call READY RENTALS to assist with your transport needs.
Team travelling away for a tournament? READY RENTALS has the answers.


Doing it!! Be it staff, family visiting from overseas or your own vehicle out of action for repairs. READY RENTALS are simply the best people movers at the best prices with the best service.


OK!! So you’ve just won a contract and need to move the crew or team around.
Simply call READY RENTALS. Its so easy.
No matter how many people you need to move, we can arrange.
READY RENTALS long term rates are strictly by negotiation based on length of hire.

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